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They are not extinct...


For hundreds of years we were told   that the  Taino's where totally destroyed by the Spaniards. Disease, slavery, wars and overall superiority of the conqueror made the conquest fast and easy. The truth is that the official story is a lie and here is what a  visitor to the island of Puerto Rico wrote about the Taino's in 1899.

They are true Portoricans and love to call  themselves  Borinqueños, from the aboriginal name Borinquen- of the island. They form the overwhelmingly leading political factor, though there are two other races represented in great numbers. The one of most interest is the Indio, or that of the descendants or the inhabitants found on the island at its discovery and settlement. They form the great mass of the country laborers over the island, especially in the Centre and the northeastern section. They have much of the serious appearance of the North American Indian, with his high cheek bones, but their color is less red and more  swarthy. They are inclined to keep to themselves and specially not to mingle with the blacks, but with the Spanish they have mingled freely with the Spaniards. Tradition gives them the right to the soil and they are said to still observe certain clannish and fraternal rites inherited from their ancestors. They know little of education and are  generally merely day laborers.


Harrington Mark W. Porto Rico and the Portoricans.  Catholic World, November 1899, volume 70, issue 416.


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